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Our Bar Menu

Baron D’Arignac White, France. 175 ml Glass £3.95
Specially selected - dry, with lively fresh fruit flavours.
Baron D’Arignac White, France. 750 ML Bottle £3.95
Baron D’Arignac Red, France 175 ML Glass £3.75
Specially selected - a smooth wine, medium bodied and fruity.
Baron D’Arignac Red, France 750 ml Bottle £13.95
Specially selected – fresh, with delicate strawberry fruits flavors
Manarra Pinot Grigio Rosé, Italy £4.50
Specially selected – fresh, with delicate strawberry fruits flavors.
Manarra Pinot Grigio Rosé, Italy 750 ml Bottle £16.95
Specially selected – fresh, with delicate strawberry fruits flavors.
Terres d Azur Sauvignon Blanc VdP d’Oc (w) Bottle £14.95
A great value, soft and un-oaked Chardonnay from the south of France.
Beauvignac Picpoul De Pinet (w) Bottle £17.95
An extremely versatile, light but quality fresh white that is marvelous with a wide range of foods. Estate bottled and very fine quality.
Chablis, Domaine Bois d’Yver, Georges Pico (w) £24.50
One of the world’s best dry white wines made exclusively from the Chardonnay grape. A complex and well made wine, with lovely dry mineral and lemon flavours.
Sancerre, Christian Salmon (w) £24.95
Green, smoky, and tangy with good ripeness and acidity. Perhaps one of the best examples of Sancerre.
Baronne Phillipe De Rothschild Pinot Noir (r) £17.50
A great example of this delicate, refined grape variety at a sensible price.
Cotes du Rhone, ‘Belleruche’ Chapoutier (r) £19.50
The palate is rich and spicy, with a complex array of fine fruit flavours, made from mainly Grenache grapes
Wild Boar Cabernet Sauvignon (r) £17.50
This Estate bottled Cabernet is full bodied and rich. Satisfyingly complex fruit flavours with a firm finish making it an ideal match for richer, spicy meat dishes.
Chablis, Domaine Bois d’Yver, Georges Pico (w) half bottle £13.00
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, La Delfina (r) £16.50
A medium bodied and medium dry Italian favourite. Slightly spicy, with ripe jammy flavours and a smooth fruity finish.
Pinot Grigio, La Delfina (w) £16.50
A soft gently perfumed wine which has delicate gentle acidity and is easy to enjoy with or without food.
Sancerre, Christian Salmon (w) half bottle £13.00
Terres d Azur Merlot VdP d’Oc (r) £14.95
Good weight, soft and plummy. A great value modern wine from the south of France.
Samta Luz ‘Alba’ Sauvignon Blanc (w) £16.95
A Sauvignon that fills the palate with citrus, herbal and tangy green fruit flavours.
Santa Luz ‘Alba’ Merlot (r) Chile £16.95
Subtle dark cherry and mulberry flavours, with soft tannins and a velvety smooth finish.
Torres Vina Esmeralda (w) half bottle £10.95
Delheim Pinotage (r) South Africa £19.95
Paternina ‘Monte Haro’ Tempranillo Rioja (r) £17.50
Made from carefully selected grapes and fermented slowly to achieve maximum fruit extract. This well balanced and finely structured Rioja has a lovely velvety smooth, fruity finish.
Yalumba Y Series (unoaked) Chardonnay (w) Australia £17.95
Quite delicious, rich Chardonnay fruit, with aromas of ripe melons and peaches.
Fox Grove Shiraz Cabernet (r) Australia £17.95
A very flavoursome red, with an intense ripe blackberry flavour and hints of arrow-mint.
Stoneburn Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (w) New Zealand £19.95
An aromatic Sauvignon, with gooseberry and passion fruit aromas which culminate in a crisp, and refreshing finish.
Stimson Estate Merlot (r) California, USA £17.95
An enticing bouquet of berries and plums and a velvety texture, with intriguing flavours of cherry, and and chocolate, make this wine a rich, full classic.
Baron Albert Brut N.V. (CHAMPAGNE & SPARKLING) £35.00
From a small family owned winery and specially selected by us for it’s quality. A charming champagne, with a pale golden hue, and a steady mousse of small bubbles.
Joseph Perrier Cuvee Royale Brut N.V. £36.50
A quality champagne selected for it’s great consistency. Ideal on it’s own as an aperitif, for celebrations, and also works well with seafood dishes.
Saumur 1811 Brut, Ackerman N.V., Sparkling France £19.95
A marvellous bottle fermented wine, with a clean and lively palate and crisp fruit flavours. An excellent champagne substitute.
Draught Cobra -Pint £5.10
Draught Cobra - Half P £2.95
Half Pint
80% Shilling(500ml) £3.75
Tennants Lager(568) £3.75
Cobra(660ml) £5.10
Cobra(330ml) £2.95
Kingfisher(650ml) £5.10
Kingfisher(330ml) £2.95
Budweiser (330ml) £3.10
Becks (275ml) £3.10
Cider (500ml) £3.10
Cobra (330ml) Zero Alc/Vol% £2.95
Becks Blue (330ml) Zero Alc/Vol% £2.95
Macallan 10 YO (25ml) £3.95
Johnie Walker (25ml) £3.75
Glenmorangie (25ml) £3.95
Famous Grouse (25ml) £3.75
Bells (25ml) £3.75
Black Label (25ml) £3.75
Jameson Irish Whiskey (25ml) £3.75
Jack Daniels (25ml) £3.75
Sherry, Dry, Medium, Sweet (50ml) £2.95
Martini, Dry, Sweet (50ml) £2.95
Cinzano Bianco (50ml) £2.95
Campari (50ml) £2.95
Pernod (25ml) £2.95
Malibu (50ml) £2.95
Port (50ml) £2.95
Pimms No 1 (50ml) £2.95
Remy Martin (25ml) VSOP £3.95
Martell (25ml) VSOP £3.95
Courvoisier (25ml) Deluxe £3.95
Gordon's (25ml) £3.75
Bombay Saphire (25ml) £3.75
Cointreau (25ml) £3.75
Tia Maria (25ml) £3.75
Amaretto (25ml) £3.75
Sambuca (25ml) £3.75
Baileys Irish Cream (50ml) £3.75
Drambuie (25ml) £3.75
Grand Marnier (25ml) £3.75
Glayva £3.75
O.V.D. (25ml) £3.75
Bacardi £3.75
Morgans Spiced Spiced Rum £3.75
Smkirnoff Red Label (25ml) £3.75